I invite you to a Soul Life Journey. 

Your Soul made precious experiences going through many past lives. You can discover these hidden treasuries. You will find answers for your present life. Even if you do not believe in reincarnation, listen to the message of your past life regression session. I invite you to get in contact with these messages from your soul. I invite you to a Soul Life Journey.

Soul Life Therapy®

A journey of healing.

Soul Life Therapy® - Trademark Ralf Hungerland

Since about 20 years, I´m supporting people in their personal transformation by working with them in individual sessions or in training courses. With my knowledge and my experiences working with regressions, I have developed a spiritual way of healing and clarification. It is based on the complete development of the soul: Soul Life Therapy®.

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Past Life Regression Stories

Who I was in the past life...

Seen from the outside, past life regressions sometimes appear to be exciting adventure stories. The difference, however, lies in experiencing one's own “return trip“. The soul uses these stories to impart important messages to us. As a Past Life Regressionist, I have used the many trips I have had the fortune to accompany over the years to learn to interpret these messages. Still, the most important aspect is – and always will be – the significance of the experience for the traveler himself.

A Journey to the New York of the 1920s
Past Livfe Story - New York 1920

The soul has a former history. It has already experienced a whole series of incarnations, and everything that it experienced in the various lives, the good as well as the bad, is stored in the subconscious. Thus when we see the light of the world as babies, it isn’t for the first time. Even though we have to learn everything all over again, the soul is already many layers deep.

I often begin a regression session

Journey back to 19th century Russia

Past Life Story - Russia 19th Century

Clara Jasper is a journalist, and documented her own past life regression in the following article.

My best girlfriend did it. Several times over. My cousin too, and now even a co-worker has joined in: all of them have undertaken a journey to past lives, during which they were the mistress of a prince in the Middle Ages, a dancer on Broadway in the 20's, or a soldier in the 30 Years War.

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